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Your Free Wobbel Yoga Cards Download

If you have a Wobbel Board at home, here is one your littles have to try….Wobbel Yoga! This phenomenon and total kids craze started in Amsterdam and has made its way across the globe. Think basic yoga poses but with the added element of balancing on the Wobbel Board. It’s fun and remains a completely […]

The Power of Play

At Harri & Eve, we say that play should carry on well beyond childhood. We all benefit from the feel-good factor of good, old-fashioned play. It’s a brilliant way for little ones to flex their cognitive development, problem solving skills and creativity. And for us adults, it’s a huge stress reliever! This month, as we […]

The Eid Gift Guide

    Eid is nearly here and we know many of you will be looking for the perfect gifts for family and friends. We’ve put together our own one-stop-shop guide for all things fashion and gifting. Whether looking for a special gift for a little one, something unique for a family member or fashion for […]

The Outdoors Edit

The weather is simply gorgeous, and as we all know…it won’t stay this way for long. If you’re anything like us, you are taking advantage of every moment you get to spend outside. We have added some of the loveliest outdoors products lately, so here are our top picks for everyday essentials for life outside… […]

Why Mineral Sunscreen?

Mineral vs Chemical sunscreens – here’s what you need to know.

Toy Rotation

Do you rotate toys in your play space at home? If you’ve never heard of toy rotation before – I am pretty sure you’re going to like it. It really is a simple but very effective way of keeping your child interested and engaged in their toy selection. It is very common for littles to […]

Am I a Conscious Consumer? Am I Raising One?

It’s a phrase taking real shape these days, but what does it really mean and why is it important? And how can I teach my kids how to become little conscious consumers in the making?